Tooth Extractions for a Healthier Smile

Tooth extraction, a crucial step towards lasting oral health!

Tooth extraction or tooth removal is performed when there is no other way to save a tooth from decay. Such is done either by simple extraction or surgical extraction in more complicated, severe cases when an old tooth blocks the growth of a new one. Anaesthesia is placed on the area to numb both the tooth and gums, making it easy to pull out the defective tooth with the use of forceps. In cases where a broken piece of tooth is submerged into the gums, surgical extraction is applied. When such is encountered, the best way is to see a dentist immediately so the condition does not worsen. 

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Why Get Tooth Extractions at Our Center?

😬 When There's No Other Way

Tooth extraction becomes necessary when there’s no viable option left to save a decaying tooth. Whether through a simple extraction or a surgical procedure in more complex cases, our skilled professionals are here to provide the care you need.

✨ Simple or Surgical, Your Well-Being Matters

Simple extractions are ideal for straightforward cases, where the defective tooth can be gently removed using forceps after the area is numbed with anesthesia. In more complicated situations, like when an old tooth blocks the growth of a new one or when a broken piece is embedded in the gums, surgical extraction may be required.

💤 Painless Extractions

We prioritize your comfort. Our experienced team ensures that the affected area, including the tooth and gums, is effectively numbed, so you feel minimal discomfort during the extraction procedure.

🦷 Timely Action for Optimal Results

Don’t wait if you suspect a dental issue. Seeking immediate attention is key to preventing conditions from worsening. Our experts are here to evaluate your situation and provide timely solutions, safeguarding your oral health.

Ready to restore your dental health and ensure your well-being?

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